Do you know the Feeling when you are just happy with the photos you too? I had this last Weekend when I took those with my friends from school Tanja and Lukas. Tanja and me were thinking about taking photos with smoke for a few month but we never realized it. And as you can see: we have a lot of snow now in Switzerland which is beautiful! It is really like a wonderland and I'm really excited to go skiing again!

My last post it's two month old now and I hate this fact! Time just flew away and I really didn't find time for my blog. I hope I can Change this again in the future but I'm not sure if the following month will be better..


  1. niiiiice!!!! smoke bomb shoots r so much fun

    Cool post!

    New Post on : jonthegold.com

    Greets Jon

  2. Great photos
    The visual result is awesome
    Greetings from DOWBOND/blog

  3. Sehr cool! Die neue Frisur steht dir gut!

    Pat | www.nevernotinspired.de

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