Do you guys know Avatar - The Last Airbender ? This shooting was kind of inspired by this TV-Show. I love playing with the four elements and here I wanted to play with the fire like a fire bender and although water is still my favorite element it was really cool to shoot with those flaming torches!
This week was crazy! The pressure in School is getting stronger and stronger and also all this sand and horrible things which happened in Paris took a lot of my thoughts. I'm not scared of those terrorists but I'm sad about all the wars and violence which are happening around the world. Is it really just a Imagination of some people that we could all life in peace? Why is the human being not able stop fighting? - I don't have an answer of what's happening next and where all this is going to end but I believe that one day we get peace all over the world. We don't have an Avatar or someone who get us there, we have to do it ourselves..
By the way, my outfit is out of my sick "Adidas" shoes, the pants from the market in Thailand, T-shirt from "Weekday" and the jacket from "Bershka"

Tanja and me

Tanja, Larissa and me


  1. Sehr coole Fotos und toller Beitrag! Ich bin tatsächlich ein großer Fan von Avatar :D (Team Erde!)


  2. Amazing photos

    We are new on blogger, so will be keeping in touch

  3. Awesome :)


  4. Beautiful photos.

    New post is up on UNIQUEYEAH !

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