It's Halloween and finally the dark part of me finally can out completely! Even tough we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Switzerland, I love it. It is a day where you are allowed to in a freaky and scary way. It's a day to be creative in the craziest and darkest way and that's just perfect for me. I don't like this happy ending stories and in movies I always think the bad guys have the best roles. For example in the Harry Potter movies are the Death Eaters the best and I kind of felt like one of them in this shooting. It was so much fun!

I tried to bring my personal style in my costume and so - of course - I made an all-black outfit with many different layers. I started with a long size t-shirt, over it a sweater from "Zara", my coat which I call the Dementor Coat also from "Zara" and at the end my Long coar from "Lost and Found". The torn Pants are from "Bershka". The boots are from "H&M". To finish the minimalsitic outfit I wore my skull necklace which fitted perfectly to the big skull (which I think is awesome!) and did a simple make up.

I wish you all Scarry Halloween !

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  1. OMG, those eye lenses!!! Scary but somehow I like it =D, good job, Oli.

    Have a successful week,

  2. great! u look like an actor and this is a film.


  3. This is so freaking genius. I love it.

    New post is up on UNIQUEYEAH !

  4. Amazing photo set
    All the best