It's Halloween and finally the dark part of me finally can out completely! Even tough we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Switzerland, I love it. It is a day where you are allowed to in a freaky and scary way. It's a day to be creative in the craziest and darkest way and that's just perfect for me. I don't like this happy ending stories and in movies I always think the bad guys have the best roles. For example in the Harry Potter movies are the Death Eaters the best and I kind of felt like one of them in this shooting. It was so much fun!

I tried to bring my personal style in my costume and so - of course - I made an all-black outfit with many different layers. I started with a long size t-shirt, over it a sweater from "Zara", my coat which I call the Dementor Coat also from "Zara" and at the end my Long coar from "Lost and Found". The torn Pants are from "Bershka". The boots are from "H&M". To finish the minimalsitic outfit I wore my skull necklace which fitted perfectly to the big skull (which I think is awesome!) and did a simple make up.

I wish you all Scarry Halloween !

PS: check also out the post from my Blogger Buddy Tanja !



Ok, I'm back in Switzerland! The last three weeks have been like a dream. I traveled a lot, been in Budapest with the School, came back and went to Thailand for one and a half week. But now I'm back home and have to go back to school. This post is about Budapest and there will be some about Thailand soon.

Budapest is AMAZING! It is a beautiful City with so much to do there. As it was our final trip from High School and the whole class was there was to party an important thing and we partied a lot. d
During the day we discovered the City with its beautiful architecture and also learned a lot about the history about the City. I'm really glad we went to Budapest because I probably wouldn't have gone there by myself but I can really recommend it to you guys!

My outfits have usually been really simple and therefor I only "shot" one. I was waring my silver "Adidas Los Angeles" Sneakers, Jeans from "Pull and Bear", t-shirt from "Review" shirt from "Weekday" and the leather jacket I had to buy there because I forget all my jackets at home so I didn't have a single jacked when I arrived there. I bought it in "Bershka". The hat is from "H&M".

I had so much fun with Tanja

Tanja and me

Tanja , me and Phoebe



I wanted to post this way earlier but – as always – time just flew away! I was at the Mode Suisse which was at the 21st of September and the following Friday I went with school to Budapest for a week (you may have seen some photos on Instagram) and today I will fly to Thailand for one and a half week to relax a bit after this stressful time in school and party a lot in Budapest.
However, Mode Suisse was amazing! You may have seen some other post from Mode Suisse. It is a platform for Swiss designer to show their newest collection on the runway. In the photos you see first Julian Zigerli which I think is amazing! His collections are always totally playful with colours, prints and little details. Next is HEAD Genève. They always bring a perfect performance but sadly they didn’t show many men wear this year but still, they were great! One of my absolute favourite is Sandro Marzo! I would buy everything he makes if I had the money for it! But also IAHAI, La Cri, Lida Noba, Pamb, Paola de Michiel, Vivian Graf and Adrian Reber were dope! I always love to go to these events. Not only because of the show, also because of the people and friends I meet their.
 My outfit was out of black sport leggings from “Adidas”, dark red shorts from “Topmen”, a random long size T-shirt and my amazing “Adrexx” hoodie. The dope shoes I got from Adidas and I just love them! They are super comfortable to wear! the coat is from "Lost and Found". To finish the look I tied a bandana around my head.
The Photos were taken by feathers and goldbears !