I fell in love with Stockholm. The city just beautiful with all the water (what I definitely need in a city), the great architecture and the landscape around it. Also I think is impressive how clean everything is. You cannot find any garbage, cigarettes or chewing gum on the ground. It’s just awesome to walk around and look at everything!

Those pictures were taken after we’ve been in a photography museum which was pretty cool. They show there photos from nature, people, animals and also historical pictures and in a perfect location. It’s cool to just hang around after you’ve been at the exhibition in the coffee shop they have there and enjoy the view with the water!

My outfit is as usual all black. The shoes are “Birkenstock” and I was surprised how comfortable they are for walking a lot in a city. The pants are from Stockholm from a local label called “Ljung”, the long shirt from “Weekday” and the bomber jacked from “Zara”.


  1. Oliii, we want mooooore photos from the city..you know, you are very handsome guy and we like to look on you, but we also want to see the city!! =D

    Happy weekend ;)