My last year in High School started last Monday and I definitely need to get over my holiday laziness. A new School year is like New Year for me. I make new resolutions not only for school, also for sport. I try to create a timetable when I do what but it's always hard to follow it.
By now it looks like this: Monday evening dance lessons, Tuesday rehearsal for the musical I'm going to play next year in spring, on Wednesday to gym, Thursday a day without sport and Friday dance lessons again.

However, my outfit is again one from my holidays in Stockholm. it was a sunny day and so I wore the tank top from "Weekday". The pants are from "Bershka", shoes from "Adidas", leather jacket from "Lamarque", the necklace from "C&A", the sunglasses from "Ray-Ban" and the hat from "Topman".



To be honest, I'm a bad photographer and I don't take a lot of photos. Therefore when I was on the holiday trip in Sweden/Norway I basically only take pictures of my outfits for the blog which must sound kind of conceited and narcissistic but I don't think I am. It is because I enjoyed the view, the architecture the nature etc. at the moment and catch as much as possible with my eyes and save it in my mind. I think nothing can look more beautiful than when you watch it with your eyes and not through the camera. So well I'm sorry I can't show you a lot of photos from Sweden or Norway but guys I can tell you: I totally worth it to visit those countries!
My for this day when we drove from Gothenburg to Oslo and made a stop at one big lake was out of my shorts from "Topman", my new sandals from "Vagabond", a long size t-shirt from "Cubus", the squared shirt from "Urban Outfitters" and the sungalsses from "Spitfire".




I fell in love with Stockholm. The city just beautiful with all the water (what I definitely need in a city), the great architecture and the landscape around it. Also I think is impressive how clean everything is. You cannot find any garbage, cigarettes or chewing gum on the ground. It’s just awesome to walk around and look at everything!

Those pictures were taken after we’ve been in a photography museum which was pretty cool. They show there photos from nature, people, animals and also historical pictures and in a perfect location. It’s cool to just hang around after you’ve been at the exhibition in the coffee shop they have there and enjoy the view with the water!

My outfit is as usual all black. The shoes are “Birkenstock” and I was surprised how comfortable they are for walking a lot in a city. The pants are from Stockholm from a local label called “Ljung”, the long shirt from “Weekday” and the bomber jacked from “Zara”.



Well I'm back from my trip in Sweden and Norway and I can tell you it was great! The cities are awesome, the nature is great and honestly, I've never seen so many people with a cool style! This is my first post and there will be a lot more in the next weeks.

This was the first day we spent in Stockholm. We just walked around the city randomly without having a plan where to go. And we already found great places and I did the first big shopping of course haha. The weather up there in the north is weird. It could be sunny like here on the photos but in the next five minutes it started raining like crazy. So it was necessarily to carry an umbrella with you all the time.

The Outfit was really basic at this day. I wore shoes from "Vans", Pants from "Pull and Bear" and sunglasses from "spitfire". The Sweater is from a store called "Big Boyz" which is only in Zurich. They sell some random brands but also they have their own brand, also named "Big Boyz" from which this sweater is.