First: sorry for not posting for so long. June has been super busy. We had a lot of exams in School and at the weekends I had to work or I was invited at a birthday party (almost every week one which was crazy!) I've got summer holidays now for six weeks and I'm so excited about it. at the 19th I'll go for two weeks to Sweden and Norway. I fly to Stockholm and stay there a few days. Then I travel by car to Göteborg and also to Oslo. I can't wait to see those cities and also the landscape which must be awesome too!
This post is about the Mode Suisse Event at the Expo in Milano which was last week. To be honest, the Expo itself was nothing exciting but the show was great! It's always great to see what amazing designer Switzerland has and I'm glad they have with Mode Suisse the opportuity to show their work. One of my favorites Swiss designer, Julian Zigerli, was also there and was one of the best part of the show. But also enSoie, YVY, Niria Frey and Steinrohner were great! They presented all female fashion but really good one! Adrian Reber wasn't my kind of style but for those who like simple and chic streetstyle should definitly check him out.
I was there in black and White and was wearing my new Shorts and hat from "Topman" and those were actually the first colthes I ordered online. The t-shirt is from "ProjectX" and my favorite sunglasses from "Spitfire". The bracelets are from "H&M", the watch from "Tissot" and the necklace from "C&A".