Everybody knows my name - well, maybe not but it feels good walking through the village I live with this t-shirt because I live and go to school in a little village where people stare and talk about you if you are different than they are. They don't care if you feel good or not. Your just have to put on your daily fake smile and you are fine but if you forgot this smile and you show that you don't feel good, they avoid you. So suddenly you know how fake most of the people are. They start ignoring you because it's easier for them to keep out of your way than helping you and so you learn going through life by your own with the hope that there are people you can really trust in. But I don’t let them pull me down! I stand up and raise my head. Not because I’m arrogant because I am proud of whom I am and glad to know that I have now people who believe in me around me.
I wasn't sure about posting a outfit with this t-shirt from "Numero 00" but after thinking it over I decided to do it not just with random jeans. So I put on some leggings and over them sport Shorts (both from "Adidas"). over the t-shirt my oversize hoodie from "Zara" and the red superstar also from "Adidas". I borrowed the hat from Tanja and she got it from "H&M". I bought the sunglasses and my iPhone case in the last picture in Berlin and I love them! The sunglasses are from "Spitfire" and this awesome iPhone case which is out of slate stone is from "Roxxlyn".




First of all: I love water! I am in a swimming team in the village I live since I was about 6 years old and I used to swim competitions till last year but in a few weeks I will stop swimming in the team. However, swimming will always be a part of my live. There is nothing better than the moment when I dive into the water, especially if it is such a beautiful lake like the one in the pictures!
I went with Tanja and Larissa for a little hike to this lake called "Seealpsee". The day was amazing! There weren't any clouds in sky, we had hot temperature and the view was just stunning!

I took my swimwear from "COS" with me but unfortunately you can't see the print well on the photos. But they are black with little white dots on it.