Last Friday I was at the Fashion hotel VIP-event in the 25 Hours hotel in Zurich. It started with an open air fashion show where the models walked on fountain. It was a great location with the water between and the city in the background! The young kids were one of the high lights of the evening! They were so proud walking over the runway and looked so cute!
The main point about this event was that particularly start up designer and shops were able to show their stuff in the different hotel rooms which were open for us.
I had a great time there with Tanja and Larissa
My outfit was created of my new "Dr. Martens", "Cheap Monday" jeans, shirt and jewelry from "H&M".




Spring break is over and school starts again tomorrow. I came back home from Berlin today and must say that I LOVE BERLIN! I had such a great time there and saw a lot of the beautiful places from the city. One of my favorites places was the old Airport Berlin-Tempelhof which is kind of a park now where people go jogging, ride bicycle, skateboard and so on. I was jogging there as well and decided to take some photos for the blog here. The weather was so magical at this day with this crazy clouds and the sunlight.
I wanted to focus my outfit on my red "Adidas Superstar" shoes and so was the rest of the look really basic with Pants from "Pull and Bear", t-shirt from "COS" and the black jeans-jacket from "Urban Outfitters"




Last week I visited my sister with a friend in Basel. I always heard that Basel must be a great City but since I've spent a few days there I think it's beside Zurich my favorite city in Switzerland.
The weather was just awesome and so we enjoyed the warm spring days.

The last week from our spring holiday started yesterday and I don't want to think about going in school again next week. Now I'm pretty excited for tomorrow when I travel to Berlin. I haven't been in this city for about ten years and can't wait to explore that city again!

My outfit is again really simple. The shoes are from "Vans" the Pants from "H&M" the t-shirt from "Review" and the shirt from "Primark.



It's April and I wish you all a happy Easter! BLACK MARCH is over and I want to present you an no black outfit. It's strange to see me in this way but I also like every piece of this look and I thought it is perfect for Easter.
I'm having spring holiday now and I'm pretty excited about it. Next week I'll be a few days in Basel visiting my sister and in my second holiday-week I'll be in Berlin. I just can't wait for it!
I'm wearing in this outfit white "Converse", jeans from "Pull and Bear", t-shirt from "Scotch & Soda", the parka from "Bershka" and this amazing cardigan which I got from my grandpa and it is handmade from my grendma's sister. The sunglasses are from "Ray-Ban" and the backpack is from "Paul Kehl".