March is almost over and here is another all black outfit from my BLACK MARCH. This outfit is very simple. I wearing my chelea boots from "H&M", trousers from "cheap monday" t-shirt and sweater from "Review" and the leather jacket from "La Marque"
Have a great week



We had a perfect week in Switzerland. The sun was shining every single day and so Tanja and I decided to go to for a walk to the river. We stopped at this beautiful place to take so pictures. The atmosphere was so magical and it really was a place to just be happy and lose yourself in your dreams.
It's my third week of my black march and I have to admit that it is harder than I expected to wear a whole month only black. It's not that I don't feel comfortable in black- I love it! It's more that I struggle with new combinations for my outfit. So I guess it's good that March soon is over and I can start combine with something which is not black.
So in this outfit I am wearing "Converse" shoes, pants from "Bershka", t-shirt from "Urban Outfitters", the cardigan from "Kenneth Cole" and the sunglasses from "Ray-Ban".




Here is another all black outfit from my BLACK MARCH. I took the pictures yesterday with Tanja during our lunch break. The weather was so sunny and there wasn't any cloud in the sky. I think spring is  slowly coming.

Finally it's the time to switch from boots to sneakers and  I'm very happy that I can wear my "Convers" again. The pants are from "G-star", the black sweater with the little gray dots is from the brand "Springfield" and the sunglasses from "Ray-Ban".

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Here is a second Outfit from my "BLACK MARCH". I decided to take the photos in front of this coloful background to put a contrast to the black. I also want to show you that this project only counts for my Outfits.

aso you can see for my outfit is no warm jacket and scarf needed, and I'm so happy that the temperature is getting warmer again. The snow slowly melts and spring is knocking at the door- yeeey!

I'm wearing this thin jacket from "Nummero 00" which I think is really cool. I love the two leather parts in it. The pants are from "Bershka" and shoes are grey-black "Vans"



I can't believe it already March but I'm so happy about that. The day are getting longer and winter is slowly over (I hope so!).
I'm trying to do a 'black March' and so I'm not going to wear anything else then black (or dark grey). You may think that March is not the right month for that because spring will start and black is a depressive color. That's exactly why I am doing it. I'm really excited about spring and I don't think black is a depressive color. I think black is elegant and if you wear black right it shows
self-confidence. And I feel comfortable in my all black outfits.

I hope you're all doing well and I wish you a good rest of the week :)