Do you know that feeling when you are not a little bit motivated to do what you have to do?- just want to follow your dreams, do what you want to do and leave everything behind you but you can't because you are caught in your everyday life. This is exectly what I feel. I just have enough of school but as everyone else I have to finish it. And so I put a smile on my face, go through the day and try to follow my dreams in my rare free time.

My Outfit is again (except the red hat from "American Apparel") all black. I'm wearing an over-sice t-shirt under the amazing half leather sweater from "Zara". The pants are from "Pull and Bear" and the shoes from "H&M". One of my favorite things at this outfit are my crazy sunglasses from a little store in Vancouver.



You may think it's cool to have all this snow but actually I'm getting really tired about the winter this year. Whenever it snows, the whole snow melts again the following days. I always take Pictures when there was snow but I did it unintentionally. I wish the snow would rather stay or it doesn't snow again!
So while the snow is here and the temperature is cold I need a warm jacked. My "G-star" (I actually do not often wear things from G-star how you may think since the last and this post) coat is perfect for that. I'm actually also surprised about me that I wear so many colors and nothing black.
I hope you all had a great Weekend!



I'm so sorry for not posting for such a long time. I hope you all started perfectly in the New Year. My start was really busy with working and then school again and I'm still having a busy time in school this week.

I am thinking about acting and dancing in a play. I got some information about it yesterday and I think it would be so much fun. The shows will be in spring 2016, that's just before I will graduate in school and so it would be a tough time.

However, in this post I am wearing my black "G-Star" jeans which are cut deeper, a gray tee from "Review", a black cardigan, the boots from "H&M" and my "Rey Ban" sungalsses.