I hope everybody had a great Christmas! I cannot believe it is already over. I wanted to post during this days but I didn't have time to do that. I was busy with family dinners and working.
My Christmas was awesome. We had such a great time sitting together, eating some great food and drinking nice wine. And I got some amazing gifts, for example the jacket and the sweater on the pictures from the great brand "Numero 00" from Italy. I've some more pieces from this brand which I'm going to show you soon in another post.
As you can see, we finally got a lot of snow in Switzerland and we have a lot of snow now but I love it. Maybe on my sweater should be written "EVERY THING IS WHITE" but I thought exactly because everything is white outside there is some black needed.



One day before Christmas I'm writing a post from last Saturday. beside Christmas-Shopping I was at an event called "Cash for Trash" (Link). It's a market for design, fashion and vintage. It's a place where small creative labels show their stuff. They had really cool things and I made myself a present I bought this amazing pullover from "B&C Collection"

I was wearing a simple outfit with shoes from "converse", Jeans from "Diesel", pullover from "Review", scarf from "Zara" and hat from "American Apperal".



In only 6 days it will be Chrstmas eve- I can't wait for it! And for sure Christmas cookies cannot be missed. I baked some with my sister and friend of her and one of my best friends (the girl in the last Picture). We had such a great day with a lot of fun. I still need some gifts for my familiy but I will go looking for them on Saturday and I hope I will find something nice.

I wish you all a wunderful Christmas time! :)






 If I buy a shirt I have to walk into it and love it. That's exactly the way how it was when I bought this one last year when I was in New York. It is from "Urban Outfitters". I like the Color, how it is sliced and the only red button. I combined it with black pants from "Cheap Monday", black "Dr. Martens", black scarf from "Review", black hat from "American Apparel" and the gray knitted jacket from "Gaudi".

I also want to bring in this post my watch in the focus. It is from "Tissot" and I got it last year for Christmas from my parents. When I went looking which watch I'd like I had nothing like this in my mind but I just fell in love with the classic design.



It's been way to long since I've posted my last post. I am really sorry for that! The last weeks have been so busy with school during the week and working at the weekends and because the daylight is so short at this time of the year I did't have the chance to take pictures after school or working. I hope it will be better in the following weeks. 

The weather where I live is really bad. It is foggy and cold and I'm missing snow (I cannot belive that I'm saying that). I think that's also the reason why I don't get into Christmas-mood. It should snow the following days and so I hope I will get into the Christmas-mood soon because I love Christmas!

I'm not motivated to wear colors and so my outfit is like the weather; dark and colorless.
The shoes are from "H&M" and I'm afraid to tell you that they are actually for women. I've seen them during shopping with my sister and I just wanted them. I was so happy after I found the right size for me. the pants are from "Cheep Monday", the leather jacket from "Companys" and the scarf from "Review". The hat was a present but I think it is from christmas market and handmade. I also wear a gray cardigan from "H&M" and a gray t-shirt from "Review".

I wish you all a wunderful christmas time!