The November this year is just amazing! I cannot remember when we had the last fall which was so nice and sunny
The pictures were taken in the garden from my grandparents. You should have seen this place a few years before. It was full with flowers, berries and vegetables but as they got older they don't have the power anymore to do that. However, I still think it is a beautiful place with the pond and the wooden house.
My outfit is like always simple. I love to work with basics and bring them in an outfit which is suitable for the season and event. I also made sure that I wear an outfit without any black in it and it was actually hard for me (I just love black). The shoes are "Dr. Martens". I bought them last year and I'm still happy with them but I'm thinking of buying black boots as well. I just don't know which one (any ideas?). My trousers are really old and I don't remember when I got them but they are from "Lee". The pullover is from "American Apparel" and the sunglasses are from "Ray Ban".



Yesterday I had the chance to go to the Mercedes Fashion Days in Zurich. It was a great experience to see all the models and people at an event like this. The shows were amazing especially in the second one the clothes made by "Little Black Dress" and "Stefanie Biggel"

I was wearing an urban outfit. The sweater and the t-Shirt are from "Review" the trousers from "Pull and Bear" the shirt from "Super Dry" and the black "Converse".
I actually had problem to take good pictures during the Show but I'm happy there are at least a few good ones. I hope you like them too.
Have a great start in the new week tomorrow guys!



ALEXANDER WANG! I'm so happy I got the amazing pullover and jacket. I'm just in love with the whole collection. Unfortunately it is not in the H&M in the city next to where I live (St.Gallen) but I was lucky that I didn't have to go to school at friday afternoon and so was able to go to Zurich. There weren't a lot of things left but I'm really happy with what I got.

Let me know what you think about the collection!



 As you can see the weather gets colder and colder where I live. The mountains are already covered with snow. Those pictures are actually from last week. It wouldn't have any green left if you look at the place where I took the pictures today. I'm so not ready for snow right now!

Anyway, my outfit is a bit different from the other ones I've posted. I got this amazing raincoat from my grandpa. You may have seen in my last post that my suit from Halloween (link here) was from my grandpa as well and I can tell you there will be more posts with stuff from him.
combined the coat with a more classic outfit. The pullover is from "Zara" , the shirt from "Tommy Hilfiger" and the trousers from "Pull & Bear". The shoes I borrowed from a friend and I don't know where they are from.