HAPPY HALLOWEEN! for sure I did some Halloween pictures as well and I'm actually happy with the result. We wanted to take the pictures before it was dark outside but because I had to work at this day we had such a stress with dressing up and the make up. So at the time we were finished with preparing it was already dark and we had to improve with the light and everything else.

I got the old suit from my grandpa. It made me look like a scary man in an old suit and I kind of liked it. The doll and the skull were just perfect for the pictures.

I want to say thank you to Larissa and her sister. Larissa is one of my best friends. She and her sister helped me with the make up and took the pictures. It was a fun night!



This is my last post from Lisbon. I have my first week of school behind me after two weeks of holidays and I really need holidays again haha! I loved that I was able to take some pictures with this gorgeous owl. by the way, his name was Gandalf and I think the name suits perfect to a owl. he was so well-behaved and his feathers were just so soft!

I actually bought everything from the outfit in Lisbon itself except the hoodie. The shoes are again the gray/black "Vans" the trousers are from "Pull & Bear" the t-shirt from "Bershka" and the backpack from "Primark"



A week ago I was taking these pictures in one of the most beautiful cities- in Rome (Italy). I had such a great time there and I'm sure I will go back there sometime!
I took these pictures while I was Walking ramdomly through the streets of Rome.
I was wearing (again and like always) a really simple outfit. The black t-shirt is from "Urban Outfitters". I love the cut of the t-shirt and the little pocket on the breast. The Shorts are from "New Yorker" and I actually bought them years ago (I wonder how they still fit!).
I love espadrilles. Even if you walk around for hours they are still comfortable. The ones I'm wearing in the pictures are from "H&M". I thought I need something "special" for my outfit and so I tied the shirt around my hip. It is from "Primark".



Yesterday I came back from Italy (Rome) and I finally have time again to post a new outfit. Rome was Amazing! I'm so glad I had the Chance to go there and there will be a post from there soon
Anyway, this outfit is still from Lisbon. I'm a big Lover of black and one of my mottos is "BLACK WILL ALWAYS BE THE NEW BLACK!"
Are those gray-black "Vans" not great? I bought them a day before I took the pictures and I love them! The shorts are from "Selected Homme", the T-Shirt from "Rerock", the cardigan from "Kenneth Cole" and the backpack from "Forever 21". I like the combination from gray and black in the t-shirt and the shoes and as well the purple in the backpack.
Let me know what you think about it..





I'm sorry I really wanted to post this yesterday but I was busy the whole day..
Lisbon was AMAZING!
As I love architecture it was a paradise for me. All the buildings are just great there,In the Picture you can see the Belém Tower (Torre de Belém) and I think it is an Awesome Tower and I love all the little details.
The weather was mostly cloudy but warm and so I had the chance to wear my shorts from Topman again. The t-shirt is knitted and I actually don't know where it is from. I bought it in a Little shop in Cologne. The shoes are again the black Convers and the sunglasses from Ray Ban.
More from Lisbon will be posted soon but I go to Rome for a few days today. So I will have a lot to do after my Holidays but I’m really excited!



So this is my last post before I go to Lisbon. I'm so excited to see this beautiful city and I can't wait to share pictures from there with you. I promise there will be some at least next Sunday.

Two weeks ago I had a photo shooting with the great photographer Roman David Ackermann. He took those awesome pictures of me and  I think I looked kind of a death eater from Harry Potter.
I decided to wear an all-black outfit with my black coat from "Zara" in front of the reed to bring something mystic in the Picture. I really felt as I was part in a scene of a Harry Potter movie lol.
the sweater and the t-shirt are both from "Review". The sunglasses are from a little shop in Vancouver for only 10 Dollars.