Today I spent the day in the zoo and I remembered how much fun and how cute it is. When I was a little child, my parents took me and my sisters there for so many times. All the memoirs came back. 
I was there with my dad and one of my beautiful sisters (the girl in the pictures). The sweetest thing was to pet the goats. You should have seen how they loved me! - But only when I've had food in my hands haha.

I enjoyed an awesome sunny day and I was so happy that I could wear short trousers one more time.
The black shorts are from "Selected", the t-shirt from "On The Bays". The Espadrilles were a present from my best friend and I just love them. They are handmade from the south of France. The sunglasses are from "Ray Ban".

By the way.. my sisters outfit is created by a top from "Orsay" and mom- jeans from "Top Shop". Her shoes are from "Vögele Shoes", the watch is a "Michael Kors" and the sunglasses from the maket in Rome.




Yesterday I enjoyed a day off in school and went with some friends in the "Europa-Park" in Rust (Germany). The rides on the big rollercoasters were just breathtaking and crazy- I love it! The amusement park is beautiful with all the little detail from the different countries from Europe. Beside all the parts with the different countries is there a fairy-world which was my favourite part. Sadly I was to old and to heavy for the ride on the mushroom but it was a nice place to take a picture.


I wore to my black trousers and black Convers shoes a light blue pullover and of course I tied my hair so they were not all in my face during the rides.

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HERE I AM! I decided to start this blog and- HERE I AM!
I'm so excided about starting to blog!
The pictures were taken in my summer holidays which I've spent in Canada. I've been there for three weeks and visited a family who I know. It was ina  small town called Castlegar and I fell in love with it. The rivers, the lakes and the mountains were just gorgeous!
I was wearing my black Vans which are sadly not looking black anymore, black Cheap Monday Jeans, the white t-shirt from Review (which is by the way one of my favourite bransd) and for sure my matte black Ray Ban sunnglasses.