Guys, I can't believe how fast the time passes away again and I still don't find enough time form my blog. This week I have three dance performances for the theatre in my High School, in a month is the premiere from the musical in which I'm playing as well and we'll have 13 performances there and in June I have my final exams from High School. So my life basically takes place just in school and rehearsal. But I can't believe High School is over soon. it has been a part of my life for 6 years in a town I don't like and so you can imagine how happy I'll be when I (hopefully) get the message that I passed and will be "free". I will tell you in a later post what my plans are for after school :)

These photos were taken in Zurich actually just next to the train station. I love the background with the cranes and thought the place is perfect to present you my sneakers which I got from "Adidas". They are probably the most comfortable sneakers I ever wore! I combined them with an elegant all black outfit. the pants are from a Swedish brand "Ljung", the Long size shirt from "Weekday" and the Cardigan from "Kenneth Cole".




This was my outffit for the Mode Suisse beliefe me, it was one of the most comfortable one could wear and still Kind of elegant and I think perfect for a event such as a fashion show. Some People told me that y style has changed but I don't quite agree. I think I just developed my style and I'm still not there where I want to be but I Need more money for that - as always!

however I liked this grey, black combination. I found the pants in a outlet shop and they are from "Lost & Found" and I find them awesome! The t-shirt is from "weekday" the thin jacket is from "Numero 00" the shoes, are from "Julian Zigerli" (he also presented at the show and is one of my favorites designer from Switzerland). As a detail I wore this cell-phone necklace from a Swiss start up called "KALK". They make fabulous leather bags!



 "HEAD - Genève"

This post is already too late again but I really want to shear it with you. Last week on Monday I've been at the Mode Suisse again. It's my favorite fashion event in Switzerland. You may have seen the post from the last ones I've been but for those who haven't: Mode Suisse is a platform for Swiss designers to present their collection on the catwalk. In this edition have been ten different designers but I focus in this post on the ones who have presented men's fashion even though the women's fashion was awesome as well!
"HEAD - Genève" was as always really simple but with an elegant but still cool cuts. I'm really impressed by their work!
"Black Etiquette" is just really cool! The designer works mostly with black and white but also brings a bit of color in the clothes which I totally like!
"Adrian Reber" was the big surprise for me. I have to admit that I didn't like his collections from the past but this one was amazing! A fantastic autumn/winter collection!
"Julian Zigerli" is one of my favorites even though he often has bright colors and crazy prints which isn't really my own style. But it looks so good on the catwalk and when you met Julian you know he reflect himself totally in his fashion and that's what I like. And also I always find many things which I like for my style as well. I wore at this event some shoes from him which I got in sale but more in the following post from my outfit for the event.
The other labels I didn't write about are:
Lyn Lingerie
Claudia Zuber
huber egolff
 "Black Etiquette"
 "Black Etiquette"



The first semester from my last year in High School is finally over and I'm really happy that I've passed it! Oh man, it's been such a busy time since October and it's going to be even worse the following month. I have normal school until May and then in June I have the final exames. Also the musical in which I play is final rehearsals. The premiere will be at the 15th April. I will tell you in a later post what the musical is about. BUT first I have a week holidays!
Today we have carneval in School and then till Saturday in the whole town which is always a lot of fun! I'm planing to make a post about my costumes as well but be updated on my Instagram to see them sooner! next week I go skiing for four days and I hope the weather is getting better again because I took those photos yesterday and like a late spring day and today it snowed the whole day and it's all white again!Strange winter!

Anyway, my Outfit is really simple and basic. I'm wearing those fantastic Stan Smith shoes from "Adidas" with "Cheap Monday" jeans, the swater is from "Aleandro Morales" and the cap from "H&M". 



You may have recognized that I started to do some "special" shootings like the Halloween, Fire Bender or my last post Winter Wonderland and not only outfit posts. That's why it is also very interesting for me to watch the work from professional photographers like Peter Sturn. It is always inspiring to see such awesome photos!
Peter Sturn is a well known photographer from Switzerland. I came across his photos and I just loved them. Especially how he plays with the lightning and also the Locations he uses for the Shootings.
He has two studios in Switzerland and you can book shootings with him. It doesn't matter if you want to do business, wedding, family or just a model shooting by your own. You can also have a make-up and styling team which helps you to show the very best of you!